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After a master's degree in Science Communication at Imperial College London, which he passed with merit, he secured an internship on the European news desk of Science magazine in Cambridge, before setting up as a freelance science writer.  He now writes mainly for Physics World, Chemistry World and Science, but has also written for SCENE, the online arm of Chemical and Engineering News, covering a wide range of topics in the physical, chemical and biological sciences, with occasional detours into science policy issues. 

Although Tim's own academic background is in the physical sciences, he has covered a wide range of subjects from evolutionary biology to genetic engineering and on to quantum computing and cosmology.   He has particular interest in theoretical chemistry, metamaterials, nanomedicine and pretty much any area of science that someone will commission him to cover!


He has also taken the occasional detour into politics, with pieces discussing, for example, the impact on science of UK Libel Laws (he's still riding on the fact that, in 2011, real academics cited his work).

Away from journalism, his hobbies include cinema, music, food and wine and, when he needs to work off the calories from the latter two, mountain hiking (unfortunately he lives in the middle of London), swimming and playing truly abominable tennis.  He is also a complete nerd about espresso, lecturing anyone who says “expresso” in a desperate attempt to hide his worrying caffeine addiction under a mantle of sophisticated connoisseurship.

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t: 07919 476 717

e: t.wogan2@gmail.com

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